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The gazebo is a pavilion free standing tent like structure. It can be built in many different shapes and sizes as per individual need. The most common gazebo designs are square, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, oval and round. Gazebos bring out the beauty of a patio, garden or lawn and highlight the landscape.

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There are two possible types of gazebo designs, the enclosed type and open type gazebo. An open type of gazebo typically is just a roof supported by pillars built on a deck with some designs or lattice work added into the woodwork. They can also have hand rails. These gazebos make your property look more beautiful; however they don’t offer much protection from nature and give you little privacy.

Wood Is the Best Material For All Gazebo Designs

Wooden gazebo designs are preferred choices when in case of enclosed type gazebos, because it helps to protect the gazebo from weather and provides maximum protection and privacy. Many free gazebo plans are available for such enclosed type gazebo which can include doors, screens or even windows built using different wooden materials. These gazebo plans can then be constructed by a skilled woodworker. If you are familiar with carpentry, you can build the gazebo on your own or assemble it using gazebo kits which come with the instructions.

These gazebo kits can be readily purchased from home improvement stores, hobby shops or online stores. These kits provide the necessary list of tools and also the blueprints for installing and setting up the various parts of the gazebo.

Selecting the proper building materials and wood for building your gazebo is very important. The more elegant and exquisite wood you wish to use the more expensive it will be to build the gazebo. Keep this in mind while selecting the gazebo designs. You don’t build a gazebo every day, so the best choice would be to use materials of somewhat medium quality so that they don’t get too expensive but still make the gazebo sturdy, beautiful, weather-proof and long lasting.

You should also think of adding accessories to you gazebo to add the finishing touches to your gazebo and to make it a more comfortable place to live in. Adding furniture can give it a more homely touch. If you go for the simple square gazebo design or a rectangular gazebo design, you can think of adding a hot tub to your gazebo. You can think of decorating the gazebo using slats of bamboo for adding and make the gazebo look exotic.

Such an enclosed hot tub gazebo can give you a wonderful spa like experience in the comfort of your own home.

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