Build a Gazebo – Top 3 Factors To Consider Before Constructing a Gazebo

Once you have decided to build a gazebo, the next step is to plan the actual construction. A number of factors must be kept in mind before beginning construction to ensure you get the most out of your gazebo.
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Here are the essential points to keep in mind while planning to build a gazebo using diy gazebo plans.

1) Type of Gazebo. Every person’s needs are unique. Before you build a gazebo, think about how you are going to use the gazebo. Are you planning to have parties in it? In that case a larger size gazebo will be needed. Also it would be preferable to have an open sided gazebo. Also think about how fancy you want the gazebo to be. A simple square gazebo will be easier and cheaper to build.

If you want to make the gazebo more elegant and beautiful then it is worth the efforts and cost to build a hexagonal or octagonal gazebo. If you just wish to have a quiet, private location for relaxing, it would be better to build a smaller gazebo with screening for privacy. You can also think about adding furniture in the gazebo, for making it more comfortable to spend time in it.

2) Type of Land. The land on which you build a gazebo is probably the most important aspect to consider, because the type of the land will determine the long-term stability of your gazebo. It is very essential to have a solid foundation.

If the land has a slant or tilt, then the foundation will have to be built accordingly to adjust for this slant. If the soil is unstable then it is necessary to dig the dirt out a few feet deep and lay down gravel to have a more solid base for building the concrete foundation. Make sure that the foundation is at least a few inches beneath the frost line.

3) Placement of the Gazebo. The actual position of the gazebo on your property is the final aspect which must be considered while planning. If the gazebo is intended to be used for social events it is recommended that there is a separate path to the gazebo so that people don’t have to tread over the grass.

Also it would be better to have it closer to the street for easy accessibility. On the other hand if the gazebo is to be used as a private recluse, then it is better to build a gazebo farther from you home in a peaceful location away from the streets and neighboring homes.

Gazebo Building Plans Content

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